Sixth Week

Last night after stats we headed to the Public House on Dekalb and had some down time, which is always nice for a grad school student taking 12 or more credits. Someone asked how long it's been since I'd been in New York. I don't recall who now but I answered, "This is my sixth week" and then I felt some overwhelming pride for 30 seconds before realizing I really had to go wee. Six weeks is a long time for someone living alone, getting up everyday and going to school. The pattern gets boring Monday thru Thursday and then Friday- Saturday the rhythm breaks for a bit before Sunday, when I try so hard to catch up for all the lost time I should've spent studying. It's exhausting but my peers are making school absolutely rewarding I can't complain,  CHOSE THIS THUG LYFE.

It's also getting colder, I have a parka in my cart waiting to get checked out.