NYC Greenway

I finally got outdoors to run yesterday (I'm running the NYC marathon in November!) and I thought, what a great idea it would be to run down the greenway along the East River. FALSE.

I took the E to Lex/53rd thinking I could access the greenway every couple of blocks because, you know, the greenway is for pedestrians and cyclists so surely there's a bridge/ access point to cross FDR Drive  somewhere in the 50s. FALSE. 

I walk to the edge of the island on 53rd, get to Sutton Place Park and see this: 


So then I search for maps of the Manhattan Greenway on Google and find out a giant gap exists in the greenway along East River:

So for thirty blocks, no one is able to access the river on foot or bike but they can in a car on FDR Drive.  

So much for livable cities for people. Maybe the next SummerStreets could pilot a total shutdown of FDR Drive... Or maybe just invest in a footbridge somewhere within those thirty blocks. Wouldn't that be great...?