Fly Young One

Tonight, my sister goes off to college in Sydney, Australia. I feel all of the following at once:

1. Excitement

2. Fear + Anxiety

3. Pride

This girl is probably one of very few people that I can trust to best use an education and experience abroad. She is wise beyond her years (although occasionally emotionally as wrecked as a teen) and has more courage than we could have ever imagined for her. Unfortunately, while she may be prepared, the city may not be as kind and for that, I fear her sanity.

I'm accompanying her this time because my mother seems to think I may be of some assistance having gone through the same thing 3 years back. I would like to regretfully inform them that I'm looking forward to waking up to a view of Coogee Beach more than shopping for her dormitory things at Coles. I suspect I'll have more useful things to remind my sister later, but for now the bed beckons.